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Project Citizen: Community Engagement in Public Policy (Level 2: High School) (Student Edition)

Project Citizen: Community Engagement in Public Policy (Level 2: High School) (Student Edition)

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About Project Citizen

Project Citizen is a civic education program for middle, secondary, and post-secondary students and youth, as well as adult groups. Project Citizen promotes student interest and ability to competently and responsibly participate in state, local, and federal government.

It actively engages people in learning how to monitor and influence public policy. Participants work together as a class or extracurricular group to identify and study a public policy issue. The final product is a portfolio that may be presented before other classes, groups, community organizations, or policymakers.

Common Core State Standards

Project Citizen is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies. These draft correlations were performed by the Maryland State Department of Education. Download the correlations in PDF format via the links below:

Learn More

Project Citizen is administered nationally by the Center for Civic Education in cooperation with the National Conference of State Legislatures. The Project Citizen website features resource links, a sample portfolio, and more information for teachers and students.

About the Project Citizen Level 2 Book

Project Citizen engages high school students or adults in proposing public policy solutions to real-world problems in their communities. Students learn the skills and knowledge they need to be active, responsible, and impactful citizens.

Designed for use by secondary students (grades 9–12) or adults, the newly revised Level 2 text introduces students to the citizen’s role in the public policymaking process. It can also be used with groups of adults who are interested in becoming more effectively involved in community affairs.

The Level 2 textbook is suggested for both secondary students or adults.

Note: Accessible editions of Project Citizen, Level 2, are available from NIMAC. Search for the title using this identifier: 9780898182897NIMAS.


  • Softcover

Number of Pages

  • 86

Suggested Reading Levels

  • This book is recommended for high school students, college students, and adult readers
  • New Dale-Chall Grade Levels: 9-10

Edition and Year of Publication

  • First Edition
  • 2010
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