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Trusted by educators for decades, the Center for Civic Education provides research-based curricular programs such as We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution and Project Citizen.

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Project Citizen

Putting the lessons of civic engagement into practice, empower students to make positive changes in their communities, with step-by-step guides and exercises.

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From collections of primary documents, historical explorations, and national curriculum standards, we publish resources you'll find both educational and enjoyable.

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  • We the People: The Citizen & The Constitution is available as an enhanced ebook edition for your 21st-century classroom. The enhanced ebook is perfect for blended learning, 1:1 classrooms, and differentiated instruction. You can subscribe, directly through Active Learn, for a low price: just $9.99 per user, per year.

    We also have non-interactive ebooks available through Apple Books, the Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and other ebook retailers.