Collection: Project Citizen, Level 1

PC Level 1

Project Citizen engages middle school students in proposing public policy solutions to real-world problems in their communities. Using ten clearly defined action steps, students learn the skills and knowledge they need to be active, responsible, and impactful citizens. Students select a real problem or issue in their community, work together to come up with possible solutions, develop an action plan, and share their chosen solution in order to make real change that promotes the common good. Students also learn what public policy is, its role in our government and society, and how they can help influence what policies get enacted.

The Level 1 text (suggested for grades 5–8) enhances instruction by providing tips from Project Citizen teachers and emphasizes the fundamentals of the public policymaking process. The teacher’s guide features detailed instruction and sample worksheets for conducting a simulated public hearing on students’ project portfolios, the curriculum’s culminating activity. The Project Citizen website features resource links and a sample portfolio. Set includes 30 student books and a teacher’s guide.

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